Another Charlottesville Wedding

9 Sep

Both sadly for you and happily for me, I’m out of the office on Friday to attend my college roommate’s wedding.  Meaning, no funtastic Friday blog for you, but I get to have a great day celebrating my good friend and her husband-to-be.  In light of my wedding excursion, I’m offering you a very short blog with a lot of fun images to explore.

These images are part of our Russell “Rip” Payne Collection.  Rip Payne was a photographer in the Charlottesville from the 1940s to 1970s, and his enormously large collection of images was generously donated to the Society several years back.  We are still in the process of accessioning images, with the help of tireless volunteers like Anna (the best sister in the world!):

Anyways, at various points in his career, Rip Payne focused on different scenes like crime scene photography, school yearbook photos, family reunions, civic events, and WEDDINGS.  So, without further adieu, please enjoy this glimpse into the Charlottesville wedding of yesteryear…

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    […] this day in 1973, Rip Payne photographed the recently begun construction to expand the Locust Avenue campus of Martha Jefferson […]

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