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Today in Rip Payne

6 Dec

On this day in 1965, Rip Payne photographed the Reverend Daniel Lowe with two women (possibly his wife and daughter).  The Reverend was active in the community until the 1980s.  There are a number of similar pictures in this first set, but I found it rather enjoyable to watch the faces change with each snap of the photograph.

On this day in 1973, Rip Payne took company photographs for the Virginia Eye Bank.  Wondering what an “eye bank” is?  Well, its not too far off from what it sounds like, but the banks do have an interesting history.  In a nutshell, eye banks hold and provide corneal tissue for transplants to restore sight.  In addition to this function, many eye banks also provide research support in attempts to better understand the causes, prevention, and cures of eye diseases.

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