Today in Rip Payne

24 Jan

Today in 1960, Rip Payne headed over to the 22947 to shoot the first of two series of photos of the Keswick Post Office.  According to an October 1965 article in the Daily Progress, the area known presently and contemporarily (yes, I made up that word) as Keswick had been served by a total of four post office names and locations since its establishment on July 21, 1824.  This first post office was located in what was then known as Everettsville , a small but bustling center at an intersection of Three Notch’d Road and the present county road 744 (Hacktown Road).  The town’s claim to fame dates back to 1825, when Lafayette was met by a cavalcade here as he was en route to visit Jefferson at Monticello.

Following transfers to Keswick Depot on February 8, 1849, and then to Henry W. Jackson’s store, in the 1930s the Post Office was moved to its present location on Route 22, pictured below.  At the time of these photographs, the building still had signage for James T. Morris Mechanics.  Today, the facade looks a little different.  Additionally, as you will notice, this was no ordinary trip to the post office.  The afternoon instead welcomed visitors to a small social, where one could sip a beverage while lounging near the stamp rack, or even enjoy a nice stroll around the garden outside.


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RP  2351–RP 2384, Rip Payne Collection, Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society.

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