Today in Rip Payne

26 Jan

Today in 1946, Rip Payne attended St. Anne’s.  Scratch that.  Rip Payne attended a dance at St. Anne’s.  To photograph, of course…

St. Anne’s, one of the two obvious predecessors to today’s St. Anne’s-Belfield, was a long-standing private school in Charlottesville, tracing it roots back to the Albemarle Female Institute, which opened in 1856.  At this time of this photograph, the school was (still) an all-girls school, though the girls were obviously allowed to bring male guests to their social functions.  Almost thirty years after this Payne photo school, St. Anne’s officially united with the Belfield School (in 1975), opening its doors to males as well as females for the first time.  The other half of the namesake, Belfield, was descendant from Miss Nancy Gordon’s primary school, established in 1911.

If you missed ACHS’ exhibit last year in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the St.Anne’s-Belfield School, produced by the school’s fantabulous historian, Kay Butterfield, do stop by our offices or those at St. Anne’s to pick up Kay’s book, Teach Them Diligently, a far more detailed and picturesque history of the school.

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