Today in Rip Payne

17 Apr

by Emma Earnst


Rip Payne kept busy today in 1965.  The rest of his career, not so much.  At least according to the nearly 20% that has been accessioned thus far.  So really, he probably did, but we don’t know yet

Anyhow, Rip Payne spent the day fishing with the Virginia Trout Company of Monterey, Virginia. Incidentally, the company is still in business today.  For those of you who, like me, have no bloody idea where Monterey is, here’s a map.  Basically, the town resides in a little valley in Highland County (with whom we have visited before), tucked between the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests about two hours northwest of Charlottesville.  Rip did not spend the day in the cozy little town, however.  The company — here consisting of Pops, Junior, and Boss-Man — and photographer trucked over to the Boar’s Head to do their trout fishing.

Sometime before or after the fishing expedition, however, Payne photographed the remnants of a break-in at Crozet Lumber.  The criminals were relatively smart, choosing to hack into the safe rather than attempt to steal the company’s capital.  After locking myself out of my own safe recently, I (or, more accurately, my fiancé) was forced to saw my (his) way in.  The 1965 robbers, on the other hand, decided to just hack the lock off.  And judging from the photos, it took a few tries…

So now that I’ve schooled you in breaking into personal safes, I think I’ll just let you look at pictures…

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