Yesterday in Rip Payne

9 May

by Emma Earnst


Work got the best of me yesterday, and I ran out of time to share these adorable pictures with you.  So, with apologies, please enjoy them now!

Yesterday in 1974, Rip Payne again spent the day with Mrs. Carter’s kindergarten class— quite possibly some of the cutest kids you have seen! As you may recall, Rip attended the kids’ May Day celebration a week ago, and according to his dating, the party was still raging on today.  Judging by the repeat outfits, however, I would venture guess that his dating is wrong, and these pictures are from the same date, May 1 (interestingly, neither of these are dated the 1st). Nonetheless, I’m allowing you to enjoy these pictures today, strictly because they are just so dern cute!

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    […] but it is precisely for that reason I thought you may enjoy these.  Besides, those kids from yesterday pretty much gave me an overdose on cutie pie for the […]

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