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Today in Rip Payne

18 Apr
by Emma Earnst

On this day in 1946, Rip Payne took in a ball game at Lambeth Field.  The stadium, constructed in 1911 by Robert E. Lee Taylor, was

intended to be the ‘finest athletic stadium in the South and one that compares very favorably with the stadiums at Syracuse and Harvard.’

Named in honor of Dr. William A. Lambeth, the director of athletics at the time, it served as the football stadium until 1931, when Scott Stadium was constructed.  The field continued to serve other sports, including baseball, for many years hence.  In addition to being the premier athletic field of its day, Lambeth also became well-known for hosting, perhaps, one of the first flights to which Charlottesville bore witness (in 1912).

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In researching this entry, I came across the following discussion on cvillenews.com regarding Charlottesville businesses (including Keller & George, whose sponsorship is advocated in Payne’s photos), the city/county border, and blogging ethics.  Which has still left me to wonder… what is the oldest Cville business?
In other news, George Reed, who serves as the managing director of Monticello Media (which, consequently, owns WCHV, the radio group picture above) recently wrote an article discussing the Keller Radio Talent Institute at Appalachian State University.  App State, in turn, is the home to History Matters, a historical publication in which my undergraduate thesis was published. Whoa… that’s a lot of coincidences for one day.

Today in Rip Payne

13 Apr
by Emma Earnst

Today, as you may be aware, is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.  As the crowds gather at Monticello today to celebrate the omnipresent Charlottesvillian’s would-be 269th birthday, I’ll take you back 66 years to 1946, when local civic organizations and Jeffersonian-minded individuals gathered to celebrate his 203rd birthday.

In the present, the Tom Tom Founders Festival will also be opening today, with a free gala.  The apparently SXSW-inspired festival will be hosting a number of talks and events throughout the month, geared toward innovation, music, and the arts.

So, whether you choose to celebrate in the here and now or the then and there, you are just stuck with some Jefferson today.  So enjoy it!

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Today in Rip Payne

4 Apr
by Emma Earnst

On this day in 1940, the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society held it first meeting.  Unfortunately, Rip Payne was not there.


Today in 1974, Rip Payne was over at the First Methodist Church snapping shots of an Eagle Scout presentation ceremony.

Then, today in 1987, Rip enjoyed a day at the Boar’s Head Inn in celebration of the Charlottesville Kiwanis‘ 65th anniversary.  I’m going to leave it to you to tell the difference between boys and men here.

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Today in (Basketball with) Rip Payne

14 Mar
by Emma Earnst

Fun fact:  To date, we have not accessioned any Rip Payne images coming from March 14th!

Sooo, I’m going topical on you today.

Today, we are going to travel back with Rip Payne to his coverage of the Lane High School vs. Washington-Lee High School basketball game in 1945.  Lane High School, as you may know, was the exclusively white school in Charlottesville (J.P. Burley being the African American high school), until court-ordered integration in 1959.  The school eventually became too small to accommodate a growing student body, and in 1974, was replaced by Charlottesville High School.  In 1981, the building became the home for the Albemarle County Offices, and it has retained since retained that purpose.

Lane High School, from what I can gather, was not particularly well-known for their basketball team.  This undated Rip Payne photo may shed some light on the situation:

Lane High School Rockhill Academy Basketball Team, undated (see comments section, below)

Now, to his credit, I would not want to enter a brawl with number 44… or the coach, for that matter.  And I’m sure with my skills, they would all beat me in a game of Horse (DAWG?!?).  Nonetheless, the day Rip Payne showed up in 1945 (judging by clothing, much earlier than this team photo), things weren’t looking much better.  There appears to be a fair amount of slapping and body flailing, and just general messiness.  I will say, that judging from these photos alone, Lane looks better than Washington-Lee…  Check it out for yourself!