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Today in Rip Payne

25 Apr

by Emma Earnst


On this day in 1968, Rip Payne had a ball!

Well, a golf ball, that is.

He spent the day at THE putt putt palace on Rio Road, snapping shots of the latest crowned Southeastern Putt Putt Queen.

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Didn’t know such a thing existed?  Don’t be foolish.  Back in the 1960s, even South Africa had a Putt Putt Queen!

It is worth mentioning that in the late 1960s, the putt putt business had really gone a tad overboard.  In addition to this full-blown international beauty contest, they published a regular newsletter, established a motto (“America’s Newest Professional Sport”) and even enlisted a chaplain (perhaps to cut down on the cursing when those *&@$ed windmills ate your ball?).

The appearance of “Miss Putt Putt,” as Rip named her in 1968, may have been a recurrence of the previous year’s PPA Tournament as part of the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival.  This 1967 tournament included a $1000 prize, a parade of national beauty queens, and an appearance by Ken Boy, the 1966 “Putter of the Year.”

Built by Lloyd “L.F.” Woods, the Rio Hill course still operates today. Kinda makes you want to go play putt putt now, doesn’t it?!


The Case of the Missing Writer

22 Nov

Good golly, where have I been?

Well, I’ll tell you:

  1. Spirit Walk.  For those of you who didn’t get to go, or those who would like to relive it, I’m going to be posting photos soon.  Hang tight!
  2. Magazine.  Yes, as resident Interim Editor, I’ve had not one, but two major projects sitting on my desk this past month.  Or, rather, spread all over my desk…  Like Sheridan, though, we’ve got some stupendous and accomplished authors, and I’m just so excited for you to read their articles.  Just a few short weeks folks!

Okay, enough with the excuses.  Just hang tight.  In the meantime, I’ll have you know that Rip Payne was also one busy man in the fall.  Take a look at some of his harvest work from 1961:

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First up, we’ve got some lovely pictures of the Miss Dogwood Pageant of 1961.  In actuality, the Dogwood festival and pageant happened in April, so this is more likely either an appearance after crowning, or Mr. Payne was quite delayed in getting his film developed this particular year.  [And yes, he did quite often get his film developed like any regular person, rather than do it himself].  In 1961, Jeannie Thomas was queened Miss Dogwood.  For more fun pictures of the festival in ’61 and years past, look for The Charlottesville Dogwood Festival (by Elizabeth D. Wood Smith) at the local library or bookstore, or you can find it on Google Books.

Second in the slideshow is a series of images of a laboratory.  Sad to say, I do believe most of the equipment I used in Orgo my second year looked suspiciously similar…

Third and finally, we have the obligatory chicken pictures.  “Obligatory?” you say?  Absolutely, I reply.  Because nothing says fall like the harvest of eggs from a group of chicks.  Okay, my tongue may be in my cheek, but it is the best harvest picture we’ve got accessioned.  So if you want something better, I guess you are going to have to come volunteer and help us get this beast under control!  That being said, I must admit some relief (and thanks?!) in realizing that even great photographers like RIP can have trouble with lighting.  Did you notice has over-exposed these pictures are?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your bird!