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Today in Rip Payne

14 Feb

*Sorry, Mrs. Payne.

If Rip’s images from this date in the 1960s are any indication, your beloved may not have just forgotten you.  He kind of went in the opposite direction altogether…

On this “love”-ly day in 1964 (sorry, I had to), Rip Payne spent the day at Carter’s Gun Works.  So, if you ever wondered what the back room at a gun store looked like, now you know…

Then, on this day in 1967, Rip again abandoned all romantic notions and instead spent the day shooting at the city & county jails.  You’ll notice the Old Albemarle County Jail, which was closed about a decade later, but which can still be seen peeking out at you as you drive down High Street today (at the intersection with Third Street).

Here’s to hoping your V-Day is much better!!

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*(Un)fortunately, this is purely conjecture.  In Rip’s defense, he may very well not have been married at this point, and expressing a different kind of frustration.  While Rip Payne did have two daughters, I do not know when he was married.  All I do know is that at the time of his death, in 1990, he was not survived by a wife.  Can anyone offer a better personal history?

Today in Rip Payne

7 Feb

On this day in 1970, Rip Payne photographed a fun couple’s wedding at Christ Episcopal Church, located on High Street in downtown Charlottesville.  Rip was a big wedding photographer in his day, and our collection is absolutely riddled with wedding images of couples we have not identified.  I don’t want to overdo things, but I promise this set of photos is great, for so many reasons.  Here are a few:

  1. COLOR!!  Not traditional Rip, but what better time to do color than when the main subjects are wearing black and white, right?!
  2. This is where I am getting married in June!  I know you don’t share my enthusiasm on this one, but I had to go there.
  3. Wicked awesome beehive hair-dos.
  4. Equally wicked awesome facial hair (you’ll see).
  5. Really pretty clothing.  Seriously.  I would steal that bridesmaid’s dress in an instant, and dance around in it like its 1970.  And not just because it would be.
  6. This couple looks so in love.  The bride is positively glowing, and they are so playful together.

Okay, enough with my rambling.  Check them out yourself!

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