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Today in (Basketball with) Rip Payne

13 Mar

In the spirit of March Madness, I am throwing a wrench in our “Today in Rip Payne” series, and shifting ever-so-slightly to “Basketball with Rip Payne.”  Each post will feature a great local basketball shot (photo or athletic move–which kind of shot? I don’t know! Maybe both!?!) from Rip Payne’s career.

Today’s images are from both this date and yester-date (March 12-13), 1971.

In the first “shot,” from March 12, Wendell Crockett, lucky #23 on the Thomas Walker High School Basketball Team, sets to take a shot during the ’71 Group A semi-finals, played at University Hall.  Fort Criswell’s Steve Jacobs (#52) and Mark Lampkins (#20) attempt to block his shot.

So, did he make it, you ask?!

Well, I’ve got no idea– I wasn’t there for Pete’s sake!  But I do know that Thomas Walker ended the game on top, with a 53-44 victory.  The following day (as in, today, 1971), the team played in the Group A Finals.  Once again, Rip was standing nearby to capture Crockett (#23) as he is about to deploy a shot.  And once again, I don’t know if he made it.  Judging by the coverage of Luray defender Bobby Brown (#52), however, I feel confident saying I doubt he made it.  Thomas Walker lost the game, and the championship, to Luray, 49-62.