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Today in Rip Payne

12 Jul

by Emma Earnst


On this day in 1986, Rip Payne attended a Kiwanis picnic, where he not only took pictures of his friends, but got to sit in the hot seat himself for a few shots.

Rip Payne, left, partakes in the bounty of the Kiwanis picnic.

Rip Payne himself, sans eyewear but with his wedding ring and a hat proudly declaring his attendance at the Kiwanis picnic two years earlier.


The Kiwanis club of Charlottesville has been the subject of many of a Rip Payne image, and now we understand why—he was a member himself.

On this sunny July afternoon, the group gathered for barbecue, brews, and horseshoe.

Doesn’t sound too bad, eh?!


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An update: The elusive Mrs. Payne

16 Apr

This past Valentine’s Day, I, somewhat jokingly began an entry of Today in Rip Payne with the line: “Sorry, Mrs. Payne…”  At the time, I had was able to uncover very little evidence of whether there was, in fact, a Mrs. Payne around at that point in time.  At the time, all I learned was that at the time of his death, Mr. Payne left two daughters.  Thereby, I assumed that Payne’s wife had either preceded him in death, or was no longer in the picture at the time.

Just this past week, a relative of the family contacted me to provide the following information.

Last night… I came across a mention of Mrs. Payne [on your blog]. I really know nothing about her but… I seem to recall that Rip was divorced for quite some time.

Thank you for the information!  So, it is quite likely that as suspected, there really was no Mrs. Payne at the time of those Valentine’s Day photos.  And, perhaps, it even explains his hanging out in guns shops and jails that day.

In addition to the update on the former Mrs. Payne, our reader offered a story about Rip’s mother, another Mrs. Payne:

I still sometimes think that I should see his mother waiting for a bus on Market Street near the parking garage… My mother and I used to see her from time to time waiting there, and we would stop and give her a ride.

Thank you so much for the insight and anecdotes!  Keep ’em coming!!