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Today in Rip Payne

11 Jul

by Emma Earnst

On this day in 1970, Rip Payne photographed the Weakly wedding.  The happy pair was smart and opted for an indoor wedding, to which Rip agreed.  As I remarked yesterday, it seems Rip was not a fan of the July heat, and 1970 is no exception to this.  We only have two other documented cases of him venturing out—one of which was another wedding, and the other being a photo shoot with the “Tupperware Girls” (just you wait!).  At least Rip has his priorities straight.

Here’s a couple quick highlights on these:

  1. Bursts of color: Yellow and green? You have my heart dear Weakly.  Having just returned from my own honeymoon in Jamaica, I’ve been going through withdrawal of many things: relaxation time, beach, and waves, among other things.  I was slightly prepared for these things, though.  Being a beach bum at heart, I know that adjusting back to life in the mountains can be hard after any time near surf and sand. The thing that has shocked me the most was the complete difference in COLOR between Jamaica and Virginia.  I’m talking bright blue ocean and pure white sand, brilliant flora in golden yellows, burstingly bright corals and reds, and the most purely green foliage.  And then we come back to a scorched earth and a few variations on red-brown in the Jeffersonian architecture of Charlottesville.  Blech!  So, Weakly and Payne, thank you for bringing color back to me, if only in pictures!
  2. Oftentimes in these, the brides look, well, a little terrified (at least pre-ceremony).  Understandable.  Our Weakly bride, though, looks positively radiant.

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